Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dreaming of an Ombre Christmas

First week into December and now I have really switched into Christmas mode! We actually spent last weekend Christmas shopping, never have I been so organised! And although I may be organised in a present sense I am not yet organised from a decoration sense. Although I must say, I have got it sorted out all in the thoughts of my crazy mind.......well that's a start right?! I would be lost without Pinterest, if I had no platform to scrap book all the designs I want to incorporate for my Christmas, I would literally be in one big colourful Christmas mess! And I must say, those big colourful Christmas messes do exist. Last week I had the privilege (or should I say disadvantage) to be invited into my bosses home, only to have my retinas burnt by what I could only describe as Santa's vomit all over the walls! Never have I seen a house so overly decorated with no one colour scheme being utilised, but instead a frantic display of every Christmas decoration they could find in any department store to create their Santa wonderland.......and a wonderland it really wasn't!

So my inclination for our Christmas decorations this year is to embrace brighter pastel colours, floral centre pieces, rag garlands and incorporate the one and only 'ombre'. A popular craze this  year that I have blogged and referenced frequently. 

So I've done some pinning, organized my ideas and feel all prepped and ready to start creating this weekend. This year will be about creating, as i sure as hell haven't seen this stuff in the stores! Wish me luck! 

 Image credits and the full Pinterest board can be found here.

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