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Madam Meko's All Time Best Hens Party Games!

So following my blog on my Hens Party tips last week I seemed to get a lot of interest in some of my all-time best Hens Party games! So by popular demand, here they are! 

Now there are millions of pretty lame Hens party games on the Internet and some of them have a good basis, but need you to put in the extra effort to make them funny and memorable.

So firstly here are my top three games/challenges for all your Hens to participate in. These are great icebreakers (but then again so are a few champagnes, so make sure you’ve had a couple before getting too game serious!):

1# How well do you know the Bride Quiz?
An easy and predictable game, it involves preparing a quiz on how well the Hens know the Bride, her current relationship and the history of her past! Now this can be done one of two ways – you can hand out individual quizzes and pens to each of the guests for them to answer the questions or you can go for a more interactive version where the Bridesmaids can read the questions out and the Hens can buzz in with the answers. I prefer the latter as it gives an opportunity for everyone to get involved without the pressure of having to answer every question. I’ve sat at many a Hens party in silence answering quizzes on paper which can be a bit tedious to say the least.

What you’ll need:
Buzzers (these could be bells, whistles, tambourines etc)
Quiz questions
A shot glass and a bottle of something (for those that answer incorrectly – only if you choose)
Prizes for those who answer correctly (chocolates or even some of those novelty ‘sexy’ lollies can be good)

Some good examples of questions might be:
1. When and how did the Bride and Groom meet?
2. Who was the Bride’s longest relationship prior to the Groom?
3. Who did the Bride first lose her virginity to?
4. If the Bride had one night off and her pick to be with any celebrity, who would she chose?
5. How did the Groom propose?
Etc etc

#2 Post it Note Game
Now this game is easy and requires little or no preparation. There are two versions of this game – ‘The post-it-note marriage advice’ game or ‘The post-it note memory’ game. Basically hand out post it notes or some nice coloured card (themed in your Hens Party colours of course) to your guests with a pen and ask them to write either a piece of advice on staying/being married OR a funny memory/story they had with the Bride. The cards/post it notes are then collected and read out and it’s up to the Bride to determine who wrote what!
The Marriage advice cards are my favourite though as they are a nice keep sake for the Bride that she can perhaps refer to in the future!

What you’ll need:
Post it notes/ coloured card

#3 Pin the Tail
This one is one of my favourites. A twist on an old school kids game, I still call it ‘Pin the tail’ but you can basically pin whatever you like! Again this one can be as raunchy or as tame as you like. Most people do pin the bouquet on the Bride but I like to personalise this game and try and find a really funny picture of the Bride (and/or Groom) to use. Get it printed out on AO poster paper at your local printing shop (shouldn’t cost you more than $50) and then get as imaginative (or as naughty) as you like with what you are going to use to pin! For one Hens Party I did I found this great photo of the Bride and the Groom where the Groom was going in for a full on grope of the Bride’s boob! So we called it – ‘Pin the hand on the boob’ game and used hand cut outs to do the pinning. To make it a bit trickier though we gave each Hen a shot and then spun them 3 times before they did their pinning. Now this was very funny to watch!

What you’ll need:
A poster print out of the Bride/Groom or both
Cut outs of something to do the pinning and bluetak to stick them on with
A marker (to write the individuals names on their pins)
A shot glass and bottle of something (if you want to do this bit)
A prize for the winner

#4 The Ultimate Housewives Challenge
The ultimate test to see if the Bride is up for the challenge of being a housewife! Basically a series of challenges is set that the Bride must participate in and compete against her fellow Hens (usually just one or two other Hens at a time). This one is a good game for the older Hens and those that are married (or at least those that boast the years of experience!). Now you can get as creative as you like with this game, but these are my best challenges:
First to sew a button back on a shirt
First to finish peeling 3 potatoes
First to finish darning a hole in a sock
First to finish folding half a dozen shirts (properly!)
First to tie and man’s business tie (properly!)
First to finish matching and pairing a bundle of socks
First to verbally list all ingredients required in baking a batch of scones

What you’ll need:
Any of the above listed props (x 2/ 3, depending on how many challengers you have at a time)
Prizes for the winners
Stop watch

Now the last two games are specifically for the Bride and are just good entertainment for the Hens once they have become a bit over the whole game thing:

5# How well does the Bride know the Groom Quiz?

Now this involves preparing a quiz that you will need to give to the Groom ahead of time to pre-answer the questions. You will need to prepare a ‘mask’ for the bride to use of the Grooms face and cut out eye holes and a mouth hole. You can also gather other props that she could use to be like the Groom. For one Hens I made a cap with a pony tail as when the Bride first met her fiance he boasted a very well groomed pony tail out the back of his cap! Another Hens party we gathered a Richmond Tigers scarf and beanie as the Groom was a massive Tigers fan. Basically the Bridesmaids will ask the Bride questions about the Groom and she will be expected to use the mask, talk and answer as the Groom would! Now this one is so funny if it’s done well and even funnier when they attempt to 'talk' like their partners!

What you will need:
A mask of the Grooms face, attached to a stick so the Bride can hold up
Prepared and pre-answered quiz questions by the Groom
Other props relating to the Groom for the Bride to use
A shot glass and bottle of something (for the bride to shot when she answers incorrectly)

Examples of some quiz questions:
1. Where and when did you share your first kiss?
2. What is your fiance's worst habit?
3. Who was your fiance's first girlfriend?
4. What has been your fiance's most embarrassing moment?
5. What is your fiance's all time catch phrase?
Etc etc (I’m keeping these pretty tame – but you get the gist!)

6# Challenge Card Game
Now this is a game for once the party has moved on to the real ‘night’ scene when the oldies have gone home and a few drinks have been consumed (especially by the Bride!). Basically the Bridesmaids will throughout the course of the night hand out specific challenge cards to the Bride that she must read out to the group and then embark on! These are great to work in with your theme of the night. Here are some of the ones I came up with for the Hens I did where we did the Cops and Robber theme, placing the Bride under arrest!

1. When the whistle blows tonight please assume the ‘frisk’ position and have a man frisk you!
2. Being a hardened criminal you must STEAL a kiss from at least one man tonight….the catch is this man MUST have a moustache!
3. Ask a man to take a Line Up Photo of you….front and side! No smiling allowed!
4. This area has been declared a crime scene. Wrap you and the nearest man up together in crime scene tape and ensure there is photographic evidence taken!

What you’ll need:
Challenge cards to give the Bride
Any props you might need to back up your challenges

Lastly, a great ‘keepsake’ for the bride but also a great end to the night that can really generate some laughs is the presentation of the ‘Good Housewives Kit’, the ‘Marriage Survival kit’ or the ‘Honeymooners Kit’. Now this one will depend on how ‘risk-ay’ the Bride is!
For the tamer bride it’s often nice (but funny) to present them with all they will need to be the perfect traditional housewife with their own 'Good Housewives Kit'! This can also be the safer option if you have mothers and mother in laws present. In the past I have presented all the items in a cane laundry basket – as it doubles as a very necessary item! Other items could include:-
A string of pearls
An apron, rubber gloves and maybe a tea towel
A pair of slippers and pipe for your husband (for when he returns home from a hard day at the office)
A wooden spoon and cake tin for all that baking
An old school cook book – Margaret Fulton is always a goer!
Some lipstick (to ensure you always look perfectly presentable when hubby arrives home)
A 1950s housewives manual (you can pick these up at bookshops or online – the tips in them are absolute crackers!)
Some Eucalyptus Oil (because apparently that gets anything and everything out!)
A small hip flask of brandy or gin (just to keep sane!)
Some sexy lingerie (for underneath that apron and rubber gloves of course!)

For a ‘Marriage Survival Kit’ you could use items like:
Some trusty headache pills for when you’re not in the mood!
Some ear plugs (for the relentless snoring!)
A stress ball (no explanation there!)
A vibrator (no explanation there either!)
‘His’ & ‘Hers’ TV remotes
A peg (for all those new smells you will encounter!

If you prefer to go for the naughtier option of the ‘Honeymooners Kit’, just pop into your local adult shop! I don’t think you need me to go into detail with that one! 

With either of the last two options just ensure you get a nice big paper show bag that you can personalise and theme up with a picture of the Bride and Groom…’ll be sure to find some sort of naughty or compromising picture of them both you can use!

To all of you planning Hens parties, I hope this has been helpful! So be good ladies!…..well sort of good anyway! ;)

Lastly a big thank you to my girlies for letting me share their photos from their Hens're the best xx


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