Saturday, 26 November 2011

Who says colour blocking only applies to fashion?

Big week for us here at Meko Creations! Matt was kept busy most of the week completing an order for a friend of ours engagement party last night. 200 brightly coloured mini cupcakes was the brief, each displaying the letters of their first names (how sweet!). Now Matt is clearly ahead of all the fashionista's out there and likes to extend the latest fashion trends into his baking, so he created these beautiful little 'colour blocking' masterpieces. And trust me, they tasted as good as they look!

To top it off we finalized our logo this week. I can quite confidently say I am in love with our logo. In love I tell you ! Matt better watch out.....he he he! Now I just can't wait to see the design for our website! Thanks to the lovely Jodie from Jaz Effect Design who created it (and persevered with all my changes all week!).

Have a great week everyone

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Made in Australia?.....I think not!

New to this business, I'm fast starting to learn that if you want to buy anything awesome in the party world you must source it from the U.S.A. Obviously Etsy opens many doors when it comes to this concept, but I was pleasantly surprised last week when browsing Etsy online to find a little shop called Pink Lemonade Party Shop that seemed to make all my dreams come true! Having been on the hunt online in Australia for plastic mini milk bottles recently, I was wrapped to finally find some all the way over in Breckenridge, Texas of all places! To me the idea of glass bottles and little kiddies just don't mix and I was going to move heaven and earth to try and find some plastic ones for our next party. Luckily I found Lisa at Pink Lemonade Party who was able to help me out with a decent batch of two dozen little plastic bottles, each one ready for milk and a funky retro paper straw. But in browsing her shop, I soon realized I had died and gone to party heaven discovering all the goodies she stocked that I just haven't been able to source in Australia. The only downside of shopping online from the States is the 2-3 week wait on your items to arrive and after only a couple of days since placing my order with Lisa the suspense is already killing me!

But it didn't stop there last week, I also found the website of the ever so popular U.S company Whisker Graphics, who make the coolest twine around, Divine Twine (pictured below). Who would have thought I would be so excited about opening a package of twine when it arrived this week......eek!!! I think I may need to put in another order for one in every colour!

So with the dollar still not too bad for us and Australia still trailing behind in the retail world, it looks like the Australian economy will be missing out on MEKO's input for now (or at least until we can get our act together and start sourcing and stocking these goodies in our own online shop!!)

Happy Sunday night


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Just call me Tonia Toddman!

Wow what a week! Never thought I would say this but I actually think I may be turning into Tonia Toddman! Good grief! Now I may may be creative, but hardly crafty, most of the time turning my nose up at the craft segments on Better Homes and Gardens thinking who the hell has time to make that crap?! But recently I've found myself religiously watching every Friday night even taking notes on how to spray paint an old vase to give it new and fresh polka dot look or even turn an old wire coat hanger into a pair of earrings! Cripes, I really am getting old!

This week I have stepped it up and embraced a bit more of Tonia in preparation for our next circus themed 1st birthday party, each night cutting favour tags, buntings, cupcake toppers and even making party hats! We worked out pretty quickly however that Matt and I wouldn't last five minutes in a party hat factory that's for sure! Today has also hosted an array of visits to Lombards, Lincraft, Spotlight and Bunnings to find some of our goodies too. We even found this awesome material (pictured below) at spotlight which we fell in love as a table cloth. Problem is though, I can't sew! I worked that one out the hard way in Year 10 texitles class when I managed to break four sewing machine needles in the space of five minutes trying to sew together a cushion cover. Lucky for me though my house husband can not only cook and clean, but can apparently also use a sewing machine too! Not sure I believe him, but we will soon find out.

So here's a little sneak peek of what we have in store for this little party. A big thank you to Dimples Prints for the stunning printables package they created......we have definitely been having lots of fun printing and cutting it all out!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend

Saturday, 5 November 2011

This little piggy went to market......

So instead of going to the gym this morning (which this piggy needed to do more than ever!) we opted for an early start, braving the hoards of people (from all walks of life I might add!) at the Camberwell Rotary Markets. Mind you I did seem to fit right in today even copping the odd stare or two after fronting up to the markets with a face free of make up and a head full of unwashed hair! Now the markets are only open till just after midday on Sunday and considering the time it takes me to get ready in the morning I felt this was the best option if we were going to try and pick up some bargains. Although after today’s visit I do use the word ‘bargain’ loosely feeling most vendors sporting the most wanted vintage items were trying to get away with highway robbery with their asking prices. Now I have definitely done my research when it comes to certain vintage party ware and glassware and was horrified to have some prices revealed to me on larger items that were upward of $250! Seriously, if you want that sort of cash for your trash you should be putting it on eBay, or better still just open a shop. You’re kidding yourself if you think that market goers would be carrying around that sort of cash in their pockets, most expecting to pick up items for $1 and $2. Take it from me, after hosting a garage sale not long ago, most visitors came armed with a pocket full of change to get rid of. But don’t get me wrong, we did manage to come home with a couple of bargains to add to our party ware collection.

We just loved this candy bowl that we picked up for the low low price of just $6! It will be the perfect addition to our next lolly bar. But we didn’t stop there, also finding these uber cool original Kraft wooden crates. Again the vendor was asking the most ridiculous of price considering wooden crates are so damn popular at the moment, but we managed to barter him down.


Lucky for me we installed some shelving in the studio under our house yesterday, because the way I’m going I may need to move into a bigger home just to house all these goodies I’m finding!

Now this piggy is off to bake some biscuits, so enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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