Sunday, 21 July 2013

An ice cream to warm your winter taste buds

With a grand top of 9 degrees in Melbourne yesterday, I sure did choose a cracker of a day to scope Melbourne for the best ice cream shops serving up winter ice cream flavours. With the idea to do this a few weeks ago now, I had marked the day in my calendar where I had a whole day free to hit the road and sample Melbourne's best ice creameries and gelati shops. Little did I know it would be the coldest July day in Melbourne in six years! Oh well, all the more reason to find some cracking winter flavours. I must say though I was a little disappointed with some of the ice creameries I visited. I know if I ran my own ice cream shop and wanted to continue the interest through the winter months then I'd be changing the flavours with the seasons and transforming a traditional summers day delight to a winter warming hot saucy sundae! A couple of shops I visited weren't even open which was a bit we wont even bother mentioning them! But none the less I did find some great flavours that I will share with you.

First cab off the rank was Jocks Ice Creams & Sorbets in Albert Park. Now this place has benefited from many reviews and with many award winning ice creams under its belt is considered one of Melbourne's best. But are they cutting it in the winter department? Well with their Baked Apple flavour I would have to say yes. Rich with smokey baked apples, this was one that could definitely warm those tummies. Their other winter delights included Date, with yummy smashed dates, and their Gingerbread flavour, rich with spices reminiscent of Christmas. 
Check this place out at 83 Victoria Ave, Albert Park.

Next I headed to Lygon Street, the little Italy of Melbourne, where I was sure to find some heart warming gold. And I was right! But it wasn't an Italian place that I found myself at, but Helados Jauja, a little South American gem. All made fresh on the premises, their winter warming flavours included Cafe Con Leche (an Argentine coffee), Dulce de Leche (an Argentine style caramel with dark chocolate chips), and a Caramelised Pear with Walnuts (very yum!). But it was the Egg Nog flavour that stole (or should I say warmed!) my heart! Filled with spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of brandy, again I felt like it was Christmas (a white one that is!). Check it out at 254 Lygon St, Carlton.

Egg Nogg at Helados Jauja

Next I popped across the road to a franchise that I wouldn't of thought would be displaying any original winter flavours, but instead I was pleasantly surprised. Gelatissimo boasted great flavours of Apple Pie, Creme Caramel, Tiramisu, and Honey Toffee & Malt. Next week they start their 'Sweets of Italy' campaign with 8 new traditional flavours for all those traditional gelati lovers out there. You'll find them at 197 Lygon St, Carlton or other locations at 

Apple Pie at Gelatissimo
Open Caramel Sesame at Trampoline

Then onto another franchise that again I thought wouldn't be setting in standards in the winter flavour department, but again I was 'warmly' surprised. At Trampoline it was great to see warm winter flavours like Caramel Pear, Salted Caramel Popcorm, and Open Sesame Caramel. But it was the hot waffles and sauces they were offering alongside their ice creams that really impressed that's a way to turn a summer treat into a winter one! Visit them at The Well, Burke Ave, Camberwell or other locations at

Last but not least I visited a new store, again in Camberwell, Lick Me. Now there was only one flavour here the qualified at as winter one, but boy oh boy was it a good one. Cinnamon Donut anyone?! Yes please! So very good and worth the visit at 761 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell.

So don't be afraid to indulge yourself this winter with your summer passion, just chose warmly. 

Stay toasty x

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