Saturday, 25 February 2012

Afternoon Delight!

Well it's been an absolute scorcher in Melbourne this weekend with temperatures in the high 30s all weekend! We've been trying to keep cool here at Meko but seem to having somewhat of an unproductive Sunday on all fronts! So we thought we would cool off this afternoon with a refreshing afternoon delight and of course there is no better afternoon delight than a Pina Colada! Now over the summer holidays my signature Pina Colada's seemed to be the highlight around the pool side, however I thought I would give this one a different take and use the beautiful ripe mango that was sitting in my fruit box just dying to be used!

So if you're in need of a cool off too try my Mango Colada! But be warned they are not for the diet conscious and are so yummy you may need more than one (one for each hip!)!!

For 2 cocktails you'll need:
60ml Bacardi
60ml Coconut cream (canned variety is fine)
60ml Sugar Syrup (just boil 2 parts water to 1 part sugar on the stove until it dissolves)
60ml Fresh cream
240ml Pineapple juice
Flesh of 1 mango 

Blend everything together in the blender and serve in a large chilled glass!


Monday, 20 February 2012

We're up, up and away!

Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to the new look Madam Meko Blog!
I am absolutely loving the design and have to say a big thanks to Jodie at Jaz Effects for creating it! The website is not far away from completion either so stay tuned for that.

Now we thought we would finally share with you the Vintage Aeroplane 1st Birthday we created for twins, Hardy and Mason a couple of weeks ago. With gorgeous printables by Dimple Prints and adorable suitcases by Elle J, we fully embraced the aeroplane theme transforming the venue into the twins own little airport! Guests enjoyed sweet treats of ‘round the world’ oreo cake pops, cupcakes, choc dipped marshmallow pops, caramel coated popcorn cones, 'cloud' cookies and the ever so popular white chocolate rocky road pops! The children also enjoyed our aeroplane jelly cups, in flight snacks of vege sticks and sandwiches and mini vanilla cupcakes. But it was the birthday cake centrepiece that Matt created that stole the show. 3 tiers of chocolate mud cake hosting a very cute little handmade red bi-plane upon it's top. And of course no one left empty handed with a great selection of yummy lollies from the lolly bar and each child setting off with their own mini suitcase of cloud lollies and milk bottles.

Enjoy the pics x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

New look Meko!

So we've had some time to finally catch our breath this week and catch up on some things that had been 'parked' for a while. But more importantly we've had some time to relax. Matt and I even managed to sit down and watch a DVD this afternoon......quite a foreign concept I can assure you!

One thing that did get parked over the last few weeks was sharing with you the photo shoot we did late last year for our new website. We had the pleasure of working with the very talented Dani from Spit & Giggle who produced some beautiful imagery for us to use. Take a peek at some of the pics below, I'm sure you'll agree they're truly gorgeous!

Speaking of which, our website is nearly complete, so watch this space.
 And next week we will have a new look blog! So very excited!

Happy Sunday x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

A pop you'll fall in love with........

Big week for us here at Meko, although I do always say that don't I? Matt and I have been busy most of the week putting the finishing touches on everything for our vintage aeroplane 1st birthday party tomorrow. Matt has been busy decorating all sorts of sweet treats, but mostly the theme of the food for this party seems to end in the word 'pop'! Think cake pops, marshmallow pops and even rocky road pops! You can take it from me, our white chocolate rocky road pops are sensational! I should know.....I've been eating them all week!

With Valentines Day only around the corner, rocky road or rocky road pops can be a great gift for that special someone. Hey nothing says 'I love you' more than chocolate, right?! Matt alerted me to the fact this week that you can in fact put anything you want in rocky road......yes anything! Of course marshmallows and glace cherries are always nice, but you can be as experimental as you like! In our rocky road pops (pictured left) we used white marshmallows, red glace cherries and blue cloud lollies to fit in with the colour scheme of our aeroplane party.

Try this for an extra sweet Valentine's Day gift........Grab yourself a baking tray (it needs to have decent depth on it) and line it with baking paper. In a bowl place some pink and white marshmallows and some red glace cherries. Then comes the fun bit. See if you can get your hands on some red gummy kisses lollies, or some sour peach hearts, or any other lolly you can find that fits the theme. If that fails, try some strawberries n' cream lollies or raspberries as an alternative. Basically you can put what you like in it, but just make sure it screams 'love'! Then melt some white chocolate in the microwave and pour over the lolly mix. Mix together and then pour into the baking tray lined with baking paper. Push the chunky bits well into the corners and smooth over the top. Then pop in the refrigerator to semi set. Once it starts to firm up a little, pull it out and carve it up into decent sized cubes. If you want to make it a 'pop' grab yourself some lollipop or paddle pop sticks and insert into each one. Place back in the fridge to set through. Then decorate with some pretty red ribbon and package up in cellophane bags or noodle boxes with more ribbon. And there you have it, a 'Lovey Dovey Rocky Road Pop' for the one you love. Too easy.

Happy popping x

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