Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Heating up for Christmas

Christmas is exactly 6 weeks away, can you believe it?! Where has this year gone? It only feels like yesterday that I was planning my Christmas table for last year! But rather than drag out the same old Christmas decorations and start to prep for the same old Christmas pud and fruit cake why not heat things up this year and  incorporate some of the hottest food and party trends of 2013 into your Christmas celebrations? 

So over the next few weeks the blog will be hi-jacked by all things hot for Christmas. But first lets capture the basics and see how to incorporate the years hottest trends into the year's biggest and most festive celebration of all.

Fruit cake's a bit ho-hum......but lets try some Do-nut-yum!

Don't forget the hottest food trends that have made quite the impression this year......donuts, popcorn, whoopie pies and marshmallows! Make them 'Christmassy' and consider flavouring them with eggnog, gingerbread, brandy or spiced fruit. And what about the popcorn? Well the flavours you could create are endless! Forget the candy cane popcorn everyone makes and maybe try something a little different like white chocolate and eggnog flavoured, gingerbread and chocolate, or even cinnamon sugared popcorn! My mouth is watering just thinking of all these ideas!

Chill out this Christmas.......


Winter ice cream flavours were very popular this year and even though we don't experience a white Christmas in Australia doesn't mean we still can't enjoy wintery ice creams with all the great spicy flavours of Christmas. How about Christmas Pud ice cream, or Mince Pie ice cream? Or better still, ditch the pudding all together on our summery Christmas day and enjoy a Christmas Pudding Semi Freddo!

Ditch the Red & Green!

 All things ombre have featured a lot this year, whether it be in cakes, clothing or hairstyles. 

I just love these ombre glass ball balls and Santa stockings I came across on Pinterest.  And I love the pink and blue colours too. You would know from years before that I've never been one for the traditional red and green Christmas. This year consider using a different colour palette than the traditional, but just make sure you don't get too bright! Subtle hints of colour are the way to go. Neutral colours were very popular this year in decorating and should be used as a basis for your Christmas palette too. 

Garlands have also been a hit this year, whether made from tissue paper, ribbon, paper or material strips, they are an easy addition as Christmas decorations or even to decorate your tree with. Forget the tinsel and try some garlands!

Get flavouring! 

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean you have to stick to the traditional fare. Incorporate the hottest flavours of 2013 into your Christmas and consider using Salted Caramel Brandy Butter or making a Salted Caramel Christmas Pud, opt for Caramel Pies over the traditional mince or whip up a batch of Honey Gingerbread cakes rather than gingerbread cookies. Don't forget peanut butter and wild pairings in your Christmas baking too!

As always full image credits and the entire Pinterest inspiration board can be found here. And if you would like to re-read my past blog posts on the hottest food and party trends for this year see the links below.


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