Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It's a 30th Picnic Celebration!.....A vintage one......because I'm officially vintage!

So I turned the big 30 yesterday, horrific I know. Understandably I have had very mixed feelings about the whole thing. Usually I love being the centre of attention and what an occasion to be the centre of attention at! But as the time drew near I would much rather haven been curled up in a ball with a bottle of bubbly introducing myself to the next check box of 30-39 in a more subdued state of mind.
The nail in the coffin for me though was when the Prime Minister announced last week on her 50th birthday that she was not phased by turning 50, rather being more concerned at the age of 29 about turning 30! Hope she wasn’t trying to capture all those 29 year old voters out there.
Anyway, I opted for the more subdued celebration over the weekend, a lovely afternoon spent with good friends with a bit of finger food and champagne. We gave it a ‘Vintage Picnic’ theme to symbolize the fact I was becoming vintage. In true form it had MEKO written all over it - red and white gingham table cloths lined the kitchen bench with two white metal pales hosting an array of red flowers. Red and white noodle boxes and patty pans sat a top of two wooden fruit crates picked up at Supply and Demand. We sipped piccolos of French champagne and mini milk bottles of lemonade through red and white striped paper straws. We even went as far as to find an old school picnic basket and two vintage coca cola wooden fold up chairs, their paint all worn back and very loved.
As usual Matt out did him self with the food and the centre piece of red and white butter crème cupcakes each reminding me that I was 30.
Just what I needed!
Enough said. The pictures speak a thousand words, so enjoy!

Matt and Eddie

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