Saturday, 25 February 2012

Afternoon Delight!

Well it's been an absolute scorcher in Melbourne this weekend with temperatures in the high 30s all weekend! We've been trying to keep cool here at Meko but seem to having somewhat of an unproductive Sunday on all fronts! So we thought we would cool off this afternoon with a refreshing afternoon delight and of course there is no better afternoon delight than a Pina Colada! Now over the summer holidays my signature Pina Colada's seemed to be the highlight around the pool side, however I thought I would give this one a different take and use the beautiful ripe mango that was sitting in my fruit box just dying to be used!

So if you're in need of a cool off too try my Mango Colada! But be warned they are not for the diet conscious and are so yummy you may need more than one (one for each hip!)!!

For 2 cocktails you'll need:
60ml Bacardi
60ml Coconut cream (canned variety is fine)
60ml Sugar Syrup (just boil 2 parts water to 1 part sugar on the stove until it dissolves)
60ml Fresh cream
240ml Pineapple juice
Flesh of 1 mango 

Blend everything together in the blender and serve in a large chilled glass!


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