Sunday, 15 April 2012

A prisoner of the Meko Studio!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break! I have been a bit quiet on the blog I know, but with good reason as I have been super busy the last two weekends down in the studio painting...... or as I sometimes like to refer to it as 'giving birth' to some masterpieces! Most days I've been covered from head to toe in oil paint, inhaling toxic amounts of turps and crouched down so close to my canvases that my eyes blur.  Some days I find paint in places on my body where there just shouldn't be paint, but it's my hands that really suffer..... currently they are a lovely shade of cobalt blue that could easily pass for a character's in Avatar! But none the less, I love it. It's my passion and always will be.

I recently seem to be focusing on themes of soldiers and prisoners in my paintings (don't ask where this has come from....clearly there is something going on in my subconscious that needs addressing!) 
I thought I would share with you the two I created over the last two weeks and also a third that I did a couple of years ago that carries a similar theme. 

I must say, I find painting the most relaxing activity in my life. It gives me an opportunity to completely switch off and just focus purely on the brushstrokes and the image I am trying to bring to life. 
Hey if I had it my way I would paint all day long!......but alas there are bills to pay and mortgages to sustain......[sigh].

Hope you enjoy. Signing off x

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