Sunday, 1 July 2012

A hot chocolate not for the faint hearted.........

Out and about on this Sunday afternoon, I was fair unimpressed to see the temperature gage on my car didn't seem to be moving over the 8 degree mark! Only one month into this bitterly cold Melbourne winter and I am already wondering how much more I can endure?! Give me the sunshine and heat any day please! But without packing up shop and moving to Queensland, or dare I say it even Sydney, we often just have to warm ourselves up the best we can. So I thought after shivering most of the day away a decadent hot chocolate was definitely on the cards. So I put Chef Meko, otherwise known as my darling husband Matt, on the job.
Now this hot chocolate isn't for the faint hearted, nor the weight conscious mind you and you'll understand why once you read the ingredients! So if you are in need of some warming up and you're not afraid of a little indulgence, give this recipe a go.......and then just close your eyes and enjoy the creamy chocolaty goodness :)

Makes two
300ml cream (you can use light cream if you prefer)
300ml milk
200g milk chocolate (we used a good quality Lindt)

Over a high heat, stir together the milk and the cream in a pot until it begins to boil. 
Break up the chocolate into pieces and add to the milk and cream mixture. Remove from the heat and stir until melted through.
Serve immediately with marshmallows.

Enjoy x

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