Thursday, 25 April 2013

And then came Mothers Day.......

Mothers Day is only 2 weeks away now, and what are we all doing for it?.......entertaining our Mums of course! And it wouldn't be Mothers Day without lots of prettiness, lovely flowers, cakes, and soft hues of pastels. When I think of my Mum, I specifically think of Hydrangeas (her favourite flower of course) and Italian shortbread, or Canestrelli as it's otherwise known (she just loves all things Italian!). So I've incorporated these two elements into my Mothers Day inspiration, along with a few other traditional ideas too.

Mothers Day wouldn't  be complete without a high tea of cupcakes, cookies, macrons and of course cake! But why not add some new ideas this year, perhaps meringues, Italian shortbread, or even donuts?! Better still, what about Petit Fours?! I'm on the campaign this year to bring back Petit Fours! They have seriously been overlooked in the entertaining world, and seemed to be just reserved as an after dinner sweet, usually at weddings and banquet dinners.  But they can be made to look so pretty and taste so delicious and really should be featured on dessert tables, not brushed aside as an after thought. So this year for Mothers Day I will put Mr Meko (aka my pastry chef/husband extraordinaire) to the job to make and share with you all a very pretty Mothers Day Petit Four, to be featured on your Mothers Day table. Watch this space for the recipe.
Meanwhile, I've picked out a few of my favourite ideas for Mothers Day, but the full Pinterest board can be found here, with full image credits.
Enjoy x

Blue Hydrangeas from

Table Setting from

Pink Meringues from

Pink Layer Cake from

Hydrangea Cupcakes from
 Canestrelli (Italian Shortbread) from and
Flower Cupcakes from

Pink Ruffle Cake from

Tiffany Box Petit Fours from

Petit Fours - source unknown

Table Setting from

Mothers Day Cake from

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