Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cake Pops are just SO last year!.........

So we are nearly half way through the list now as we work our way through the hottest 'sweet treat crazes of 2013' and according to the article written in the Herald Sun that lists these sweet treat crazes (read it here), cake pops are now apparently out! Do I hear a sigh of relief?? You can now happily pop those cake pop tins back in the cupboard as the whole idea of that little round ball of cake covered in chocolate and put on a stick has well and truly been done to death! I can happily say we have now moved on progressing on to other sweet treats that can be served up on a stick. And really, what can't you put on stick in to?? I've been scrawling Pinterest for different ideas, but you can try anything from mini apple pies, cookies, donuts, popcorn balls and even smores. I've included a few ideas below including marshmallows on a stick, 'hot chocolate' on a stick (love that one!....just a clever variation on the traditional rocky road - get our recipe for white rocky road pops featured below here), and I couldn't go past showcasing the little ice cream pops covered in sprinkles.....very sweet.

But it's not just 'sweets on a stick' that are taking all the glory at parties this year, popping candy is making a grand entrance too! Now for those of you that don't know what popping candy is, it's a carbonated candy that creates a fizzy reaction when it dissolves in your mouth (oodles of fun!). Basically this sugary substance can transform the boring-est of baked goods into exploding mouth fireworks! Featured below are some great ideas including ice cream cone cupcakes with popping candy, popping candy trimmed martinis, popping candy chocolate slab and even a chocolate and beetroot cake with popping candy butter cream. Primarily a garnish it really can be added to any baked goods for a wow factor. So where do you get this popping candy i hear you ask? Well this ones a tricky one, it's not always easy to buy at the supermarkets or your local food store, but some Big W and Targets do sell it. Best to try on line, but stick to sites within Australia.

So it looks as though we are definitely evolving in the party world this year......we are still 'popping' just in different and more creative ways.

Image credits and the full Pinterest board with loads more inspiration on 'sweets on a stick' and popping candy can be found here.

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