Monday, 26 August 2013

Choc-a-block for Fathers Day!

I just realised it's Fathers Day this weekend! Eeeek! How the back end of the year has crept up on us all! So if you are like me and have organised zilch-o for your Dad for Sunday I thought it might help you to know what's out there ready to buy and ready to go! I've focused on chocolate gifts here as what man doesn't like chocolate? (regardless of what they tell you!) And as far as I'm concerned the likes of Bunnings vouchers and bottles of wine can be reserved for birthdays and Christmas, but special days like Fathers Day represent love and appreciation which is always best said with chocolate. I've featured my top 8 chocolate gifts for Dad, but there are many more gifts available on these sites that may suit your budget and style better.

Happy Fathers Day!

1. Cacao Fine Chocolates and Patisserie
For locations click here

2. Darrell Lea
Dad's Bag from $25.00
Available at Coles, Woolies, IGA and Australia Post Shops
3. Max Brenner
For locations click here
4. Haigs Chocolates
For locations click here

5. Ganache Chocolate
For locations click here

6. Koko Black
Fathers Day Gift Boxes from $23.00
$1 of every Father's Day Gift boxes sold will be donated to Beyond Blue
For locations click here

7. Chocolate Box
Dads Selection Bag from $25.00
For locations click here 

8. Edible Blooms
Delivers Australia wide


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