Thursday, 5 September 2013

It's a wrap!

Its taken us just under 3 months, but we've done it! We've now completed every 'sweet treat craze of 2013' giving you all great little recipes or ideas to try at home and ensure you are up there trending with the latest when it comes to desserts and sweet treats. It was back in June when Mr Meko and I read the article that featured in the Herald Sun on the top sweet treats for the year (read it here), and 3 months later, and dare I say it a couple of kilos heavier, we've covered them all off. 

I thought I would summarise for you the list and the links to the different blogs for easy access to your favourite recipes and ideas. We've had some great feedback on them all via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and have more than proved that these flavours and ideas are all very hot right now.




Peanut Butter

Sweets on a Stick

Ombre Cakes

Winter Ice cream Flavours

Peek-a-boo cakes



Wild Pairings

So Mr Meko and I are now going to retreat from the sweets for a couple of weeks and try and get our diets back on track......eeeeeek sugar detox! But we were glad to be the test dummies for you all over the last few get baking! x

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