Saturday, 3 December 2011

Home SWEET home!

I have a problem, a BIG problem. I am being taunted by all things sweet and this week has been especially cruel to me! After the big realisation last week that summer was fast approaching, I had been doing everything in my power to steer clear of the poisoness sweet stuff. But sure enough life threw me a nasty curve ball this week where sugar somehow has become my whole existence.

It began earlier in the week when my first delivery of lollies arrived at work for our next little party. The package was incredibly heavy filled with raspberries, milk bottles, strawberries 'n cream and mini blue jelly beans. As I signed for the delivery and took it back to my desk, my little friend 'Will Power' was forced to go into over drive, trying to stop me from cracking a bag open immediately for the all important taste test. But luckily with the idea front of mind of me in a bikini within a matter of weeks, I thought quality control was not going to cut it as far as excuses go. The following day my next delivery arrived, this time these awesome little stripy lollipops pictured below. Now the the man in the mail room clearly thinks I have some sort of sugar addiction (albeit I probably do), raising one eyebrow and asking "did you eat all 4kgs of those lollies from yesterday already??!" Giving him a well deserved stir, I replied "yes, yes i did" and walked away with a smirk on my face. I hate to think what will be going through his head though when my next order comes in. Last night I discovered on Goody Goody Gum Drops that they were having a special offer with free delivery on all orders over $100 for one day only. Jumping at the opportunity I decided to put my order in for our upcoming photo shoot for our website. 11kg of lollies later, the mail man is seriously going to think I have a problem when they arrive next week!

If the lolly issue isn't enough though, this weekend I've found that everywhere I turn at home I bump into that sweet sweet evil. Matt has been incredibly busy these last two days whipping up cakes, shortbread cookies, cupcakes and cake pops. Our entire house has a sickly sweet aroma of a large scale pattiserie and it clearly is not helping my situation. To make matters worse, my darling husband has been relentlessly sticking his sticky fingers in my face dripping in oreo cake pop mixture or lavishly thick butter creme begging me to taste his sweet little sensations.
So rather than enjoy a nice lie in in bed this morning I was forced to escape the sweet smelling aromas that were creeping into my bedroom, deciding to spend two hours at the gym slogging it out on the treadmill instead. But with business starting to take off, I guess I'm going to have start getting use to all these sweet tempations and start working on that strained relationship with my good friend 'Will Power'.

Signing off.

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