Saturday, 26 November 2011

Who says colour blocking only applies to fashion?

Big week for us here at Meko Creations! Matt was kept busy most of the week completing an order for a friend of ours engagement party last night. 200 brightly coloured mini cupcakes was the brief, each displaying the letters of their first names (how sweet!). Now Matt is clearly ahead of all the fashionista's out there and likes to extend the latest fashion trends into his baking, so he created these beautiful little 'colour blocking' masterpieces. And trust me, they tasted as good as they look!

To top it off we finalized our logo this week. I can quite confidently say I am in love with our logo. In love I tell you ! Matt better watch out.....he he he! Now I just can't wait to see the design for our website! Thanks to the lovely Jodie from Jaz Effect Design who created it (and persevered with all my changes all week!).

Have a great week everyone

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