Saturday, 3 March 2012

Aloha from the studio!!

So the plan for today was to go and check out the Melbourne Food and Wine festivities down along the riverside at Crown. We were looking forward to searching for a little inspiration for our sweet creativity but maybe more so just for a little indulgence in some good food and wine. However we faced a problem this morning when we woke (or should I say this afternoon when we woke!) whereby we realised that we had perhaps already over indulged a little too much in the food and wine festivities at our friends place for dinner last night! So with a couple of sore heads we decided to ditch the plan and I instead headed to the studio to finish a painting I've been working on this last week. A hidden talent you may not know I have, but yes I do love to paint! Now I don't have enough walls in my house to hold all the burning works inside me, so this particular one I have painted for a very special girl friend of mine. A true surfer chick, she has the ocean running through her veins. So I was inspired to paint her her own Hawaiian sunset to look at and remind her of the beach, but maybe more so that she just needed to fill a big empty wall in her living room! So this is the end result and she loves it......brief complete! It has got me thinking however that given the abrupt change in seasons this weekend I may need to paint one for myself so I can just stare into the sunset and imagine I'm living it up Hawaii too!

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