Saturday, 17 March 2012

Who isn't a bit Irish on St Paddy's Day?!

Fiddley dee to all those sore heads out there today after yet another St Patrick's Day yesterday!

The day can never go unmarked in our household with Matt's Irish heritage (yes he has an Irish's the real deal here!). Usually there are a few pints of Guinness sunk, a bit of U2 listened to and a few too many "to be sure, to be sure's!" But this year however was a lot tamer where we opted for a bit of green baking rather than green Guinness! Matt whipped up these rather green and lucky looking cookies yesterday that I thought I'd share with you. Think I may have had one too many today though, my tongue is beginning to go green! Oh well, I guess I'm just engaging my inner Irish heritage too (I'm sure there was some Irish ancestors somewhere down the line in our family!)

Happy Sunday

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