Monday, 25 February 2013


Who can believe that Easter is a mere month away?? Albeit it is quite early this year. I do love this time of year though, between New Years, Australia Day, Valentine's Day and then Easter there is never a dull moment from a holiday perspective! So naturally with the passing of V day my attention has recently turned to Easter and how we shall celebrate this year, but more importantly what we will give. My instincts are to steer away from the traditional Easter eggs (as we all just get enough of those!) and go for gifts a little sweeter, prettier and home made. Easter cookies I think are an ideal gift, all prettily packaged up. I've been scrawling Pinterest for inspiration these last few days and these are some of the favourite ones I have found.  You can check out the entire Pinterst inspiration board here, with ideas for Easter tables, cookies of course, cupcakes and Easter decorations. 
Stay tuned for Meko's Easter cookies in coming weeks, that will of course be available to purchase prior to Easter.

Ciao for now x

All images courtesy of Pinterest.......visit here for full image credits. 

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