Monday, 11 March 2013

My Top 10 Best Easter Treats

We are on the countdown to Easter now, it's officially only two and half weeks away. So last night I began searching the web to see what sort of Easter treats are trending out there at the moment to see if I could find some inspiration for the blog. But burdened with the idea that if I make something to feature on the blog I so often find myself eating it for days following, I thought I might share what others are doing instead! Hey a girl has to try and keep her figure some times, doesn't she?! Although I'm sure all my hard work will go by the way side when Easter does come around!

So here are my top 10 recipe links for Easter treats that I think are just gorgeous and great ideas for entertaining this Easter. I absolutely love the Carrot Patch Puddings featured on the Kid Zui blog, and the Bunny's Carrot Easter Cupcakes from over at Wilton look like a winner. And who can go past the bunny bait from Sing for your Supper? Popcorn is so hot this year, you really can theme it for any occasion!

Recipe links below. Happy 'bunny' browsing x

1. Bunny Bait 

2. Carrot Patch Puddings 

3. Rice Crispy Eggs

4. Marshmallow Bunnies

5. Bunny's Carrot Easter Cupcakes

6. Easter Egg Cake Pops 

7. Chocolate Wafer Bunnies 

8. Coconut Marshmallow Nests

9. White Chocolate Lemon Truffles 

10. Sugar Cookie Bunnies

P.S Stay tuned for the Meko Monthly newsletter this month though where I may just have to break the diet and pull out the good old baking mitts and share with you my recipe for Hot Cross Cookies! You can sign up here

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  1. Cute blog, just found you. I am a Melbourne Girl - named Donna and I have a blog called Nectar and Stone - come and stop by.



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