Saturday, 19 November 2011

Made in Australia?.....I think not!

New to this business, I'm fast starting to learn that if you want to buy anything awesome in the party world you must source it from the U.S.A. Obviously Etsy opens many doors when it comes to this concept, but I was pleasantly surprised last week when browsing Etsy online to find a little shop called Pink Lemonade Party Shop that seemed to make all my dreams come true! Having been on the hunt online in Australia for plastic mini milk bottles recently, I was wrapped to finally find some all the way over in Breckenridge, Texas of all places! To me the idea of glass bottles and little kiddies just don't mix and I was going to move heaven and earth to try and find some plastic ones for our next party. Luckily I found Lisa at Pink Lemonade Party who was able to help me out with a decent batch of two dozen little plastic bottles, each one ready for milk and a funky retro paper straw. But in browsing her shop, I soon realized I had died and gone to party heaven discovering all the goodies she stocked that I just haven't been able to source in Australia. The only downside of shopping online from the States is the 2-3 week wait on your items to arrive and after only a couple of days since placing my order with Lisa the suspense is already killing me!

But it didn't stop there last week, I also found the website of the ever so popular U.S company Whisker Graphics, who make the coolest twine around, Divine Twine (pictured below). Who would have thought I would be so excited about opening a package of twine when it arrived this week......eek!!! I think I may need to put in another order for one in every colour!

So with the dollar still not too bad for us and Australia still trailing behind in the retail world, it looks like the Australian economy will be missing out on MEKO's input for now (or at least until we can get our act together and start sourcing and stocking these goodies in our own online shop!!)

Happy Sunday night


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