Saturday, 21 January 2012

Come fly with me!

Another busy week for Meko this week (although when is it not?!) with preparations fully underway for our next very cute 1st birthday party - a vintage aeroplane themed party for a set of twin boys!

Here's a little sneaky peak of what we've created for it. I've been hard at work in the studio crafting away my nights and weekends making everything from decorations to party hats, lolly bags to cupcake toppers and buntings to snack boxes. I have even managed to whip up some very cool aeroplane mobiles to hang from the roof and somehow constructed a couple of popcorn cone holders from scratch! My craftiness really does surprise me sometimes! In one afternoon today I've managed to go through so much craft glue I am practically flying......ironic given the theme of the party, don't you think?!

I have to tell you though, it's not easy running a business like this on the side. All the creativeness and fun aside, Matt and I are living and breathing this business 24/7. Our conversations whilst making breakfast or dinner have gone from light talk about what we want to do next weekend to whether the rocky road pops should be propped up by a lolly pop stick or paper straw! Funnily enough that particular conversation turned into a rather heated discussion yesterday morning, resulting in Matt having to meet with the Director of Catering (me) regarding his behaviour, followed by Human Resources (me) around his breach of company values, and finally the CEO (me) for his final warning! I told him he needed to resolve the issue with his manager (me) directly and stop wasting my time. Tee he! I make myself laugh!!

Have a lovely Sunday night x

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