Sunday, 15 January 2012

Home is where the office is......

So I'm seriously starting to think that sleep is over rated! Or maybe I am just so deliriously tired at the moment that I've convinced myself I just don't need it. Matt and I are determined to have it all this year - a business, full time jobs and of course a social life! What's life without a bit of fun, hey? So in addition to being a bit social this week, we experienced a HUGE week on the work front completing everything from a sand pit themed birthday cake, to making a great start on our next party, to even overhauling our home office to be a more effective working space!!
Now the latter task was a significant one for me as after Meko kicked off last year I found myself feeling like our house looked more like a school art room than a home. Things had to change if this was going to be our lives moving forward. So our studio (and my beloved painting room mind you!) was transformed into the office. With a couple of trips to Officeworks and Ikea we transformed the space, putting the finishing touches on it today with Matt attempting (and 'attempting' being the operative word!) to put up some shelving above the desk to give me a better working and crafting space. What should have been a 20 minute job putting up two shelves resulted in 5 hours of drilling, 3 broken drill bits and 2 trips to Bunnings! I think maybe when God was handing out the handyman talents Matt may have been overlooked. But where he lacks in the 'handy' area he definitely makes up for in the kitchen, which was a big plus for me when choosing a mate! Funnily enough we discussed this topic with our good friends last night over dinner. We found it amusing to realise we had each found a partner that complimented us in our life - that had strengths where we had weakness and vice versa. Given Matt's abilities as a chef clearly you can tell I'm not a very good cook!

I've posted a pic of our new office space below which I am just loving! Although problem is, now I have this terrific place to work I seem to be 'in the office' ALL the time! Some nights sitting in here on the wrong side of midnight. Perhaps I should move our bed down here? Now there's an idea!

Nighty night x


  1. Hi There! I stumbled upon your Vintage 30th party and would LOVE to share with my readers over at Love The Day (a party and entertainment blog). Please let me know if that is something you are interested in.


  2. Sure thing, would love the publicity if you could tag/link us. Thanks!


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