Thursday, 26 January 2012

An unpatriotic and belated Australia day celebration

It occurred to me today that yet again I had let another festive holiday pass with little or no celebration or decoration. Rather than enjoying the traditional Australia Day celebrations yesterday of BBQs, beers and lamingtons, Matt and I found ourselves pushing the likes of a tofu stifry around on our plates at dinner time whilst we sipped mineral water after a hard day in the Meko office! How very un-Australian and not to mention unpatriotic of us! Now Matt can get away with this sort of behaviour on Australia Day being a born and bred Kiwi, but for me this was unacceptable. More to the point however, this did not help my recent campaign of trying to convince my husband to become an Australian citizen! So this morning I decided on this semi-long weekend that I would give my Kiwi husband the Australia day he deserves, if only to help convince him of the beauty of being an Aussie.

So I've been busy in the kitchen this afternoon preparing the Australian feast. Tonight's dinner will be brought to you by mince (sorry Sam Kekovich - no lamb on this table) with a big serve of my home made rissoles, washed down with a couple of beers and then my not so traditional take on the traditional Aussie lamington. Now I could have done a pavlova (probably would have been a lot easier picking one up from Woolies) but had I dished that up to my adoring husband tonight, I would have received the usual 'the Kiwi's invented the pav' spiel that I so often receive when trying to claim it as our own. So instead this afternoon I thought i would whip up my version of some lamington-cupcakes! Being so easy I thought i would share the recipe (if you can call it that) with you!

Now with time not being on my side today, I decided to embrace the old packet mix of chocolate muffins (sometimes they can be better than the real thing!), so feel free to do the same or if you're really feeling keen to embrace your inner baker then make them from scratch. Now the rest is so easy - you'll need three small bowls - in the first bowl melt some strawberry or raspberry jam in the microwave, just enough to dip the tops of your cupcakes in. In the second bowl mix 8 parts icing sugar, 1 part cocoa, 1 part melted butter and 1 part boiling water to make the chocolate icing. In the third bowl put some desiccated coconut, or in my case shredded coconut, to cover the tops. Then simply take each cupcake and dip the top into the jam and let it rest for a minute, then dip the top into the chocolate icing mixture, then cover with coconut.....and voila!'ve got lamington cupcakes!! Hope Matt enjoys our belated celebration tonight. Perhaps you should continue yours too! x

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