Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Puppy Proof Christmas

Following on from my last blog post I promised I would share with you our make shift Christmas tree that we have had to resort to creating this year since the arrival of our fur ball of terror earlier in the year. With careful consideration and review of the inspiration I found for my last blog, I decided to go for the canvas collage Christmas tree. All the materials I needed were readily available to me, meaning I didn't need to spend a cent on creating this tree and it was something that could sit a top our buffet and out of harms was a win win situation!

So Saturday afternoon was dedicated to creating the tree. Armed with a canvas, some craft glue, scissors, my circle cutter, old Christmas cards, and some scrap fabric and paper, I got crafting.  Puppy Mac even decided to get in on the action, albeit he was a little bored after my constant shouts of 'NO......NO.....NO' every time he sniffed the glue or tried to shred some paper!!

Choosing a colour palette of soft pinks, blues, muted greens and silver I cut rounds from old patterned paper and scraps of material to form a collage of the tree. I used paint to dot an outline of the tree and topped it with a star cut from silver wrapping paper. I also added some cut outs from Christmas cards to add some detail and finished it with some ribbon bows. You might even spy some cupcake wrappers in there......I seriously used anything I could find!
Although this probably took more time than it would to decorate a normal Christmas tree, it was an afternoon well spent and this tree is definitely out of reach, perched on our buffet and away from those little puppy paws!
Ciao x

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