Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Christmas Terror!

I think I may have a Christmas terror on my hands this year, or should I just say a Christmas terrier! We have a problem in our house this year whereby we are too afraid to purchase a real Christmas tree in fear that our 8 month old Westie pup will rip it to shreds! With what I would call 'seveve attachment issues', our puppy likes to destroy whatever he can get his paws on when we aren't home........and the photos below are the evidence to prove it!

He also likes to consider himself as quite a 'naturalist', always in the garden and surrounding himself with nature. His favourite pass times include pruning our garden (destroying plants), picking flowers (eating the flower heads off our gardenias), mulching (ripping open bags of mulch and potting mix) and creating nests (stock piling leaves and twigs on the family room floor).
Would you trust him alone with a Christmas tree? I think not.

So it seems this year I will need to consider an alternative Christmas tree, one that won't sit on the floor with all those shiny ornaments glistening at eye level waiting to be toyed with like a ball.
Consequently I've been scouring the net for alternatives and a few great make shift trees have caught my eye. What do you think?

A popular make shift tree, just some branches in a bottle decorated with ornaments. Quite a common idea, but none the less I still love it.
Very chic.

Loving this idea of stringing lights to the wall!
I love Xmas lights, so this one might be a goer!
May need to make it a little higher up the wall though
so pup can't get at it.
This idea of making a tree from
pine cones is just gorgeous.
I think this one is probably a foam cone
with the pine cones just skewered in. Too easy.
Here's an idea where I can put my
painting skills and artistic ability to work!
Either paint the decorations on or use scrap fabric or even cut
up old Xmas cards to decorate.
Loving this idea of a tree purely made from old material scraps (of which I have a lot of!). Again this idea would be based around pinning the material into a foam cone.
What a great contemporary version of a Christmas tree, loving the pine cones scattered at the base of the vases.

Another favourite of mine, very rustic. If only we had some spare timber!
Such great creative ideas that people come up with.
Watch this space next week for the post of my make shift tree.
Ciao x

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