Sunday, 2 December 2012

Let the Christmas onslaught begin!

No sooner has December 1 come around, so has the Christmas advertising hoo ha and quite frankly it's all up in my face already! Although the Christmas decorations have been gracing our store shelves since mid October it was as if all the crazy Christmas advertising had been waiting patiently on the side lines for the clock to strike midnight on the 30th of November so the onslaught could begin! 

Last night as I relaxed on the couch in front of the TV after dinner I was inundated with countless ads on TV reminding me about Christmas (as if I didn't know already!). Only 2 days in to the dreaded month of December and the advertising campaigns already had me all up in a panic! Only 22 sleeps to go I thought as I decided to start scrawling through the Christmas editions of Donna Hay, the Gourmet Traveller and the Woman's Weekly. I would have thought this year I would have been more organised, but as per usual Christmas always has the tendency to creep up on me. For me, it's not just about decorating the house, buying the Christmas presents and entertaining, it's also about providing all of my dedicated readers with some inspiration too! So in saying that I will dedicate my blogs this month to some Christmas inspiration for you all. From Christmas table ideas, to recipes to even some crafty DIY decorations you can try at home, hopefully there will be something for everyone. Just leave the magazine and net scrawling to me. My tendency at the moment is leaning towards beautiful mauve and violet colours this year, perhaps mixed with some silver and pale pinks. Here are my thoughts so far.


To be continued..........

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